MATT.. Matt... rich but doesn't like to show it, has been known to keep a relationship lasting but never gets too serious with a girl, a real player. You chuckle, holding the paper in the air. "Who's the lucky Irish?" You ask, looking aroud to see who gets up. It takes him a second to realize that he was being called, but stood up and shoved his cell back in his pocket, walking over to you. You can't help but to smirk at his hottness.. "Matt." He introduced, holding out his had for you to shake. "Natalie ." You reply, taking his hand politely. Matt just smirks, holding onto your hand tightly, he takes you over to the closet, closing it behind him with his foot, and turning back to you. He steps closer to you, putting his hands on your hips, pullin you into him, and kissing you. At first you begin to resist, but after feeling the tingling running through your lips and down to your fingertips, you go with it, throwing your arms around his neck, lettin him explore with his tongue. He pulled back, breathing a little heavier. "Wow, Natalie , you're a really good kisser." Matt said, backing you into the nearest wall. "You too." You said, pulling him into another makeout session, only stopping when an article of clothing got in between your lips. "Time's-" I began, opening the door. "Get your clothes back on, horndogs." I called throuh the door, gaining laughter from some of the others in the room. Matt kissed you quickly again. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked, slipping his shirt back over his head. You finish getting your shirt on, and as a reply, you jump on him, making him fall to the floor, landing on top of him, giving him a kiss. "I'll take that as a yes." He chuckled, kissing you while still lying there. "Gee