kyle You scan the room as each of the guys hold up their palms. You get flattered as some of them look kinda hopeful. ''Uh, seven?'' you say loudly. The boy with black hair in the back of the room playing DJ looked up. ''Sorry.'' he said softly. You smiled at him and followed him into the closet. He looked familiar to you and you recongnise him as Kyle, the bassist from my brother's band. ''Hey, Kyle.'' You say as he closes the door. ''Hey, _____ . You remembered my name??'' he smiled. ''I'm surprised you remembered mine." you laughed. His face got really serious and he says ''How could I forget?" He kisses you on the lips and pulls away. You don't even open your eyes it was so perfect and you want to hold onto it as long as you can. ''Tonight your everything. Your everything.'' He quotes (Alesana), and kisses you again. The door opens, and you come out hand in hand and sit out side by side and listen to the music. During all the love songs, he whispers every lyric in your ear. You've been to every show of his since.