RYAN Number 4!" said Ryan you looked at your number and it was 4! OMG! Ryan was the popular guy at school so you stand up and try to look cool and he smiles and walks you over to the closet and closes the door he looks at you and says "You're _______" and you blush and nod he comes aver and kisses you deeply and you kiss him back and say "I like you" and he smiles and says "so do I" and you all out make out and he asks you if you wanted to "do it" and you say "YES!" so after the 7 minutes are up i open the closet and everyone see both of you Shirtless and makein out and leave to go in the other room. You both spend the night in my closet ((OMG! MY CLOSET!!!)). You both date til college and then marry and have 3 kids (2 girls and a boy)