RICKY You pick the guitar pick out of the hat. A super hawt emo boy named Ricky stands up. He smiles, you return the smile, and he grabs your hand and leads you to the dark closet. As you are walking, you notice a braclet he has on hes wrist that reads "Hannah" (thats hes girlfriend) You sign, and follow him into the closet. You both sit, and he relizes your sad, and askes why. You tell him you saw the braclet...he immediatly rips it off and tells you he loves you! you smile and he pushes you up against the wall and passionatly french kisses you. You are surprised...in a good way. Soon he pulls off his shirt and pants...you do the same. You continue to make out while un does your bra and you slide off his boxers. You pull him on the floor and get on top of him. He pushes his penis in your vagina hard. You moan and scream hes name "RICKY, ohhh.." You get on your hands and knees while Ricky is lieing on the floor. You lick your lips and smile...as you start to suck his dick. You lighty blow on it. Ricky moans. Soon your back on top with his penis in your vagina. "TIME UP" i yell. "Give me 5 more minutes Keira!!" you yell. After your much needed 5 minutes, you both come out hand in hand. After the party, Ricky invites you to his house. You 2 have mad sex in his laundry room. His mom walks in on you =P After a few more dates (and lots more sex) he preposes, you say yes...and you both get married and have 5 children. Happily ever After!!