KEVIN you pull out black fingernail polish. You realize it's that emo hottie Kevin that has had his eye on you all night. So you all walk into the closet and talk for a minute about your favorite bands. Then he moves closer to you, and you grab fro his hand. He moves your head to where you are looking right at him. He kisses you and you kiss him back and e breaks into tears. You ask him why he is crying and he says that the other guys told him that he would never have a chance with someone as beautiful as you were. And then he shows you his wrists underneath of all his band bracelets. He has scars from where he cuts himself and he cries and thinks that you really don't like him now. You stand up, and pull him up by his hand and remove your bracelets to reveal that you to cut and you whisper in his ear, " I love you Kevin." Then you take him by his studded belt and pull yourself into his chest and tell him, "I'm all yours baby." So you guys start making out and taking each others clothes off. But you don't do anything but touch. Then you get all your clothes back on and just kiss an hold hands. It has been 15 minutes and they finally open the door to see you guys on completely different sides of the closet. You all walk out and realize the reason it took so long for them to tell you your time was up was because they went in the kitchen and made smoothies and forgot all about you and Kevin. So you hear the guys taunting Kevin and assuming that nothing happened between you guys. So you walk up to him with a note in your mouth and kiss him in front of everyone and then walk away. He gets the note out of his mouth and reads it silently. The note says, "Meet me in the bathroom after you read this letter. Love, Natalie." He drops the note and heads for the bathroom and you lock the door. The other guys read the note and are all in shock. Kevin the sensitive one, and they never thought you being the hottest emo girl they had ever met would want anything to do with Kevin. You all come out of the bathroom when the party is over and leave. In your future years. He asks you to marry him and you except without questioning the consequences. You loved him and that's all that mattered. You all have 6 kids and die happily.