JOSH You were waiting for the bus to get there. It was your first day going to a new school, you hated the fact that you had to move away from your friends, even though you didn't have many they always seemed fun to talk to. They weren't the most popular there could be of course who would expect Emos to be as popular as Preps and Jocks. You sighed and put your back pack down while waiting. It was heavy with all your supplies, your mom made you take all of them just in case the teachers asked for them. You felt someone walking towards you. You slowly glanced back and saw a group with both guys and girls. The girls wore high heels and skirts. "Preps..." You whispered to your self. You noticed the guys bulky and were throwing a football back and forth at each other. "Just wonderful a group filled with both preps and jocks, what a lucky day!" You whispered to your self sarcasticly, but annoyed. You heard someone laugh lightly by your side. You quickly turned and noticed a boy about your age, but a bit taller standing next you with his two beautiful blue eyes looking at you. You assumed he was emo by the way he looked. "May I help with something?" You asked a bit confused. "No I'm fine...So I see you're a new commer, am I correct?" "Yes you are..." "Well, I'm Josh." "_____" "It's nice to meet you." "Yeah same here..." "Eww look who's here! It's that looser!" You heard one of the girls say. "Shut up Stacy!" One of the girls said, which seemed like the leader of the group. "But Jocelyn-" "Shut up!" Silence fell and Jocelyn (Which seemed to be her name) look over at the two of you. She smiled and said, "Hi Josh." In a flirty kind of way. "Hi..." He said trying not to make it sound coldly. She turned to you, "And who is this? Are you new here?" "Yeah I am..." You said trying to stay calm. "Oh that's nice!" She said while smiling at you, she then turned to Josh. "So Josh we're going to have a pepperally soon, and I would like for you to come and see me- Uh I mean us, what do you say?" "No thanks I already have plans..." "Oh um okay how about we-" "Look Jocelyn I don't like preppy girls like you okay...Besides I already have a girlfriend" "What?! Who?!" Josh looked over at you and smirked. Your eyes widened, you were shocked by what he had just said. "That new girl?! Ugh! Creg!" One of the bulky looking guys walked to the front where Jocelyn was. She whispered something in his ear and he laughed. "Okay!" He pulled out a bottle of Gatorade and pulled the cap off, walked over to you and poured it all over you. When Creg turned around to leave, Josh turned him around and punched him in the face. The girls screamed and all bent down to wake him up. The bus arrived both you and Josh got in first hand by hand. "Are you alright?" He asked. "Yeah I'm fine..." "You sure?" "Yeah..." "Well I have something for you..." He leaned closer to you and kissed you on the lips the kiss was warm and passionate. When you pulled away he said, "You taste good..." And smirked, you chuckled. From that day on the both of you were known as a couple and best friends. [Awww]